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Pressure plate lamp


A uniquely styled feature lamp inspired by the Steampunk genre.

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Viscous Coupling Lamp


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Extinguisher Lamp (LOTUS)


This striking Lotus inspired lamp uses the instantly identifiable yellow and green colour scheme synonymous with this marque. The lamp itself has been constructed from a decommissioned fire extinguisher and features a 300mm dimable LED tube at its center.

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Camshaft Lampstand


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Spotlight Feature Lamp


A tall elegant feature lamp with a ventilated disc brake base paired with an off-road style spot lamp housing. A braided pipe enclosing the power adds a finishing touch to this uniquely designed piece of lighting.

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Rocker Cover desk Lamp


This stylish, eye-catching and functional lamp has been carefully created. Kept deliberately bare with just a hint of colour from those dual green racing stripes. This will add a unique finishing touch to any desktop

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Output Shaft table lamp


A stylish yet compact lamp. A heat shield shade adding a soft diffused light mounted to a gearbox output shaft all secured to a beautifully finished piece of exotic reclaimed Wenge hard wood base. This is a fabulous lamp that will be at home in any room anywhere.


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Input Shaft table lamp


A lamp based around a sculptural piece of automotive engineering. This Input Shaft lampt is mounted on a base of exotic Wenge hardwood. The base has been wire-brush finished to bring out the grain of the wood. A conical fabric shade tops off and beautifully complements the metal and wood components of this lamp.

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